As a medium sized Construction Company we offer a more ‘paternalistic’ type of management to our projects and a more “hands on” approach for the benefit of Clients.

We do not believe in labour only sub-contracting and as such have built up a first class team of carefully selected directly employed local tradesmen and suppliers over the years. We feel that this philosophy gives far greater control and ultimately provides Clients with the performance and standards of quality that are required.

Dorrian Construction is committed to long term relationships with Clients evident from the large number of Contracts, Clients & Industry professionals who repeatedly select our Company for partnering, negotiations and contract works including Private Clients, Commercial Bodies, Local Authorities & Government Bodies etc.

Dorrian Construction possesses a strong partnering culture based on the following principles: –

  • Taking ownership of projects within the team.
  • Seeking win-win solutions to problems.
  • Value engineering and cross fertilisation of ideas at an early stage.
  • Maintaining quality and value for money.
  • Innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients producing a cost effective and high quality end product.
  • Insuring the highest quality service thus maintaining the long-term stability of the Company.
  • Delivering within partnerships ensuring long-term relationships within the framework of mutual trust and good rapport.
  • Developing a highly skilled team of senior management, highly motivated and empowered staff and a first class team of locally skilled craftspeople.
  • Working with sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants with similar philosophies and cultures to that of our own, namely;


  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Cost Efficiency
  4. Innovation
  5. Motivation to Deliver
  6. After Care Service


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