Dorrian Construction Ltd. is an established firm with many years of construction expertise. Dorrian Construction Ltd. combines strong traditional values of skilled craftsmanship with modern materials, building techniques, and sound business management.

Lurgy B Excavation2


New Build, commercial and civil engineering in addition to small works, refurbishment works and conservation works now collectively form the main thrust of Dorrian Construction’s expanding portfolio.

Dorrian Construction has always been committed to quality and professionalism and with its growing reputation throughout the Northwest, as well as further afield, these remain fundamental qualities at the heart of our business today.




Dorrian Construction Ltd. is a Client led organisation whose management approach to servicing contracts is to provide a first rate service based on a tradition of quality at a competitive cost. Our Company is committed to these objectives and an experienced and highly motivated team has been built up around these objectives over many years. Dorrian Construction Limited are commitment from the top down to delivering the highest quality service to its clients.

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