Zeus Industries

Duration: 3 months


Client: Zeus Industries



7i Architects & Project Managers,



Albert Fry Associates ltd,



Due to major expansion works Zeus Industries contracted Dorrian Construction Limited to carry out an enabling works contract preceding construction of the main 5200m2 extension to the existing facility. The works involved the clearance of a greenfield site, major utilities diversion, bulk excavation of 21000m3 comprising of both soils and rock, all drainage works,  concrete retaining wall structures and perimeter fencing.

Upon completion all areas were graded to formation level and received stone filling compacted to the desired levels, ‘Dynamic Plate Testing’ was carried out to confirm adequate bearing capacity of the completed works for construction

The project posed significant risks to the continuity of access and productivity of the facility which remained operational whilst construction works were being carried out. To combat this Dorrian Construction used its extensive experience of the management of “live project sites” to co-ordinate the works successfully allowing access to the existing facility at all times and minimising disruption to operational productivity.